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At the House of Rohl, we pursue the discovery of time-honored craft that opens the door to stories unlike any other.

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Authentic luxury

Authentic luxury

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We go from artisans’ workshops in the Piedmont hills of Italy, to design ateliers in North America. We travel from New York to New Zealand, just to discover the best of the best. The result is rare collections inspired by place of origin, from the hand of the artisan, and through modern imagination.

exquisite detail and handcrafted

The Lago D’Orta, a hidden gem in the Lake District of Italy, is where many of our faucet and fixture collections are made, like the San Julio, Cinquanta, and Arcana. Here, generations of craftsman fashioned the brass bells that adorned local churches and monasteries. Now they put their traditions and skills to work making faucets and fixtures of exquisite detail and handcraft.

Designer Michael Berman turned to 20th century architecture and industrial design when creating the Gotham and Graceline collections.

Gotham echoes the Art Deco influence of the first skyscrapers, like the Chrysler building, while Graceline pays tribute to the fine details of the great ocean liners—the curvilinear forms and spare, horizontal lines.


a desire to create

ROHL collections also include modern interpretations of the fixtures in the spas of Acqui Terme and details of the aqueducts in the regions of Piazza del Campo; the nautical fittings of New Zealand yachting; and the Palladian windows of Venice. Every facet of our faucets and fixtures contains a story of heritage, inspiration, respect for design, and a desire to create objects of authentic luxury. But what distinguishes us most is our high standard for performance and beauty. Because precision isn’t our method. It’s our mission.

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