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At the House of Rohl, we pursue the discovery of time-honored craft that opens the door to stories unlike any other.

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Luxury to be lived with

Luxury to be lived with

Faucets and fixtures of innovation and style


Innovative design, exquisite performance

Riobel hails from Quebec, bringing together the best of Europe and North America for creative style with effortless edge. Symmetry is key to thoughtful creations with rounded arcs and right angles, all of which are not just artistic choices, but made to enhance performance as well. With technical brilliance that offers minimal maintenance, and award-winning collections with timeless appeal, Riobel is luxury design to be lived with.

statement pieces of presence

Distinctive geometric planes and contoured curves defines Riobel’s aesthetic. While Riobel takes a modern stance, mixing contemporary style, minimalist elegance, and classic details, our designs are not just for this moment, but will be as true tomorrow as they are today.


Excellence at every stage

Every detail is thoughtfully considered, from the initial inspiration to 3D modeling through our engineering process. It all goes through rigorous testing and inspection to ensure that artistic sensibility and technical expertise shine with equal brilliance in faucets and fixtures of superior form and function.

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