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At the House of Rohl, we pursue the discovery of time-honored craft that opens the door to stories unlike any other.

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Shaws Sinks

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The world’s finest fireclay sinks

Shaws of Darwen

Our Story

Ours is an age-old process passed down through generations, and our sinks have been made the same way, in the same English village of Wolverhampton, for over a hundred years. And each is an original work of art, lovingly produced by the hands by one master craftsman.

Made To Last A Lifetime

It takes 24 days to create just one. Each sink gets its own individual mold of plaster and clay, hand-poured and shaped by its own craftsman.

14 different kinds of heavy clay are blended together. When ready, clay is poured into the mold and allowed to dry and rest. Then the sink is removed, sponged and hand-finished, smoothing the surface before glazing. It’s at this time when the craftsman proudly ads his name to the base of his creation.

The first coat of glaze is sprayed on by hand. A full 24 hours pass before the second coat is applied, and the sink undergoes its first inspection. Then into the kiln for two full days, fired at temperatures above 2200ºF. Once cooled, the sink is inspected again for any flaws, because every sink must be perfect to leave our factory.

Shaws Fireclay Sinks

The result is a fireclay sink like no other,

durable, iconic, and beautiful. A singular creation, with character and charm all its own, imbued with heritage and pride, and made to last a lifetime.


Our Process

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Slip Casting

The process begins with a mixture of locally sourced clay and water being hand poured into porous moulds – this is known as 'slip casting'.

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When the newly formed sinks are dry enough, our master craftsmen expertly hand-finish these artisan products through a process of sponging and ‘fettling’ to create a smooth surface. It’s at this stage that the craftsman proudly imprints his name on the base of his creation.

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Only after leaving a sink to gradually dry out for a period of over 40 hours, is it deemed ready to be prepared with a first coat of glaze. It is then glazed for a second time to improve the feel and durability of the product.

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Each sink is then carefully fired in specially designed kilns at temperatures of over 1200 degrees Celsius to complete this rigorous process.


Shaws Sinks

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