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Victoria + Albert

Victoria + Albert

The art of the bath

Luxury freestanding bathtubs and sinks

Luxury baths like no other

About Victoria + Albert

Victoria + Albert® baths are sculptural forms of sheer beauty. Each a work of art made to last a lifetime and destined to be the centrepiece of any bathroom. Sloping waves and minimalist angles are expressed in a spectrum of colours and array of designs from classic to modern. Victoria + Albert makes a statement of indulgence for an experience to linger and luxuriate in.

How it's made

A force of nature

Victoria + Albert A Force of Nature
Victoria + Albert A Force of Nature

Victoria + Albert baths are composed of Volcanic Limestone™, a white rock born from the elemental forces of pressure and heat. Strong yet lightweight, smooth yet resilient, this natural substance forms seamless silhouettes shaped to complement the body for the height of relaxation.

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Creating a work of artful indulgence