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Volcanic Limestone ™ is Victoria + Albert’s unique white rock that is perfect for making bathtubs and sinks. It is formed when the elemental forces associated with liquid magma acts upon surrounding soft, chalky limestone. The immense heat and pressure from the magma transforms the neighboring rock into a new material made up of incredibly hard strands. The purely white natural colour of the VICTORIA + ALBERT™ tub comes from the Volcanic Limestone™ itself.

Victoria + Albert

One Single Piece

As the stone-rich alternative to both cast iron and acrylic it is cast in one single piece, hand finished and packed with naturally desirable properties. Compared to other freestanding baths, Victoria + Albert’s bathtubs stand out as superior in a number of ways:
Victoria + Albert
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The finished result is a world-class bathtub or sink with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. The lightweight nature and thinner walls allow for unique and innovative designs.

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The Volcanic Limestone™ mineral delivers a naturally white material through and through with either a gloss or matte finish. Our natural and non-porous material has superior stain resistance and 3x UV protection versus the competition to inhibit yellowing.

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Hard strands in Volcanic Limestone™ offer up to 3x the strength of other solid surface materials, allowing for superior chip & crack resistance.  This raw material has special needle-like particles formed by the rock undergoing superheating. The resulting web of materials is incredibly strong. As well as being naturally whiter and naturally harder than acrylic, its strength ensures no creaking or flexing of the bath.

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Volcanic Limestone™ helps in the manufacturing of thinner walled material without sacrificing strength. Significantly lighter in weight compared to competitive solid surface products, our baths are easier to install with less floor reinforcement needed.

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Hand finished interior – exterior can be painted and personalized with a broad spectrum of colours for the perfect finish for your décor.

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 Easy clean solid surface – as the material is solid all the way through and non-porous, internal scratches simply polish out .

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Longer Warranty

Industry-leading 25-year consumer warranty echoes the confidence we have in our product – no other manufacturer stands behind their products like we do.